Fun Sustainable Activities to do on Holiday

Top Sustainable Activities to do on Holiday

Looking for great ideas on sustainable activities to do on holiday? There are lots of activities to choose from, but are they sustainable?

Choosing more ethical and sustainable activities to do on holiday can really make a positive impact on the local community, environment and wildlife of the country you visit. We all want the places we love to thrive.

Sustainable Activities to do on Holiday

Opting for sustainable activities brings in much needed business to locally owned tour companies, going a lot further than your average corporate tour company.

See below for the best sustainable activities to do on holiday.

sustainable activities to do on holiday

Local Guided Tours Around the City

If your’e headed on a city break why not choose a local tour company to arrange a guide to take you around to the top city attractions.

Not only will they know the local area very well they will be able to give you tips and advice, knowledge of secret city gems that a large tour operator wouldn’t be able to match. You’ll also receive a more personable service.

When I was in Hanoi with my family I had a local tour of the city by university history students.

They were fun and lively with lots of knowledge on local historical facts that we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of knowing if we’d chosen a tour from one of the larger online travel sites. We even got to try the best Vietnamese coffee in the whole of Hanoi.

Island Tours by a Local

When I visited Cape Verde with my children recently we had the choice of doing an island tour of Sal by our package holiday provider or with a local company based in Sal.

After spending time speaking with the local tour company and discussing the 1 day tour he could tailor make to meet our needs travelling with a 10 month old baby I was very happy to hand my cash over.

Not only was the tour tailored to our needs, it was a private tour meaning there wasn’t 10 of us cramped in two 4×4 trucks.

We had our own pick up truck and could slow down and stop when we wanted or choose to spend longer at one place than another.

Fishing Trip with a Local Fishing Crew

While in the Gili Islands on my family gap year I really wanted to try out fishing. We spoke to several local tour companies offering a morning fishing trip to several spots around the three Gili’s.

Not only was the tour great with fishing crew teaching us how to fish with a rod, we also learnt a traditional method which required no rods, only with bait and wire, we were able to catch more fish.

We used the fish we caught for our meal that evening as well as giving the extra fish we’d caught to some locals on the beach. Fishing is one of my most simplest of sustainable activities I do while travelling.

The tour organised was private, no overcrowding or waiting for other tourists. We weren’t limited to how much time we wanted to take at each fishing point either.


Take a Local Train Ride Through the Country

They say you get to see more of a country by train. Taking a local train from one city to another is a great sustainable activity to do on holiday. Your carbon footprint is reduced, your money contributes to the economy, you get to meet locals and travel with them.

Did you know you can easily travel from Europe to South East Asia purely by rail. There are two routes available, the trans-Siberian route and the silk route.

You can read more about this at The Man in Seat 61, He’s travelled around the world by train.

Desert Island Survival Holiday

Ever dreamed of being on Shipwrecked, well now you can take part in your own desert island survival holiday.

There are lots of choices from the French Polynesia to Panama, learn survival skills like a cast-away on a tropical desert island. I think this is one of the ultimate sustainable activities to do travelling.

Conservation Activities

Swimming with orcas and humpback whales are a few of what’s on offer out there, manatee rescue centres in the Amazon jungle or coral reef rebuilding conservation tours in the Maldives.

By taking conservation tours not only are you learning about protecting various species and the environment, you get to pass this knowledge onto others. whilst adding to the local economy by supporting local and often remote jobs are some of the best sustainable activities to do on holiday in 2019.

Want to know more on how you can be a more responsible tourist, check out my top tips you can practice right away here.


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