Sustainable Travel isn't for you

Sustainable Travel Isn’t For You

Sustainable Travel Isn’t For You

Having traveled the world for over 5 years I’ve recently come to the conclusion that sustainable travel isn’t for me.

Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading.

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Sustainable Travel isn’t for you 

Sustainable travel isn’t for you, it’s for the environment and the world you love. 

You want to take the perfect Instagram pictures to show the world just how awesome and adventurous you are. How you can afford to travel the world and live an amazing carefree lifestyle, but at what cost?

If you think only posting selfies in an African village with families living on less than $2 a day makes you a conscious caring traveller then sustainable travel isn’t for you.

If you blag about riding elephants in South East Asia even though they’re tired, overworked and sick just so you can share another selfie to your followers then sustainable travel isn’t for you.

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Sustainable Travel isn’t for you

Boasting about helping locals in a beach clean up but have a drunken binge on the beach at the full moon party because it’s ‘the trend’ and leaving behind your plastic cups and rubbish then sustainable travel isn’t for you.

Do you like showing off your luxury apartment overlooking Dubai but fail to understand that multimillion dollar building you stay at contributes to workers receiving slave labour rates and in many circumstances zero pay and no safe working rights, then sustainable travel isn’t for you.

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Are you nearing 15k social media followers for your fashion travel blog, you can’t wait for a big fashion brand to sponsor your posts, get free fast fashion and post how many trendy outfits you have to wear on your next vaycay to Bali.

Failing to realise you’re adding to the problem. Those clothes you feature aren’t ethically sourced let alone ethically made. They harm the environment and local communities where those Insta worthy garments are manufactured.

If you think it’s awesome then sustainable travel and fashion definitely isn’t for you.

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Millennials and Boomers

The two major tourism segments are currently Millennials and Boomers. The former believe travel is both a right and a rite of passage. Boomers are more inclined to see travel as a reward or a privilege in later life during retirement. 

Both want to contribute to making the world a better place, but to do so changes need to occur.

As travellers alike we all need to develop the idea of conscious travel and start to imagine a better alternative that change will need to occur at the grassroots level, one person and one destination at a time.

Start here for tips on being a responsible tourist.

You can help by sharing this post on social media, get the message out that YOU stand firmly behind conscious sustainable travel.

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