About Us

Welcome to the Sustainable Travel Family. We’re really happy to have you here. Below we introduce ourselves so you can get to know us better 🙂

Tina-Louise - Sustainable Travel Family


I’m the one in charge of all our travel plans pulling the travel dream together. I’ve always been passionate about travel and sustainability. Having been to 21 countries over the past 5 years, I feel an expert at planning our itineraries. Especially on our recent family gap year.

I worked in product development and procurement in London after graduating from uni. I finally decided to pull the plug on that in early 2019 when deciding I wasn’t living my best life. After running several successful blogs over the years, being a full time mum and adventurous traveller, I’ve realised this is the best choice I could have made in my life.

I’m currently busy planning our next trip abroad and looking for a home to buy in London before we leave, which isn’t easy!

Joshua - Sustainable Travel Family


Joshua is a true adventurer and comedian at heart, having travelled to South America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South East Asia, he’s more travelled than most kids his age, at 10 years old, laughing his way around the globe with his mum and baby sister.

Joshua started his travelling adventures when he was just 4 years old, backpacking with his mum to the Amazon Rainforest, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca to the deserts of Oman, Cape Verde and Disney Land in Paris. Joshua’s been to 12 countries so far and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon.

Joshua started his homeschooling journey just a little over a year ago when we realised school was far too limiting for his potential. When he grows up he wants to make video games, travel to Antartica and save the sea turtles from plastic pollution. But for now we’re focusing on having fun and exploring the world together as a team.

Rosa - Sustainable Travel Family


Rosa is the super sweet baby of the family, at 1 years old, she’s full of smiles and an appetite for travel. Rosa has a personality of that which matches a Princess; kind, courteous, caring and courageous.

Rosa enjoys staying awake for as long as possible driving her mum mad, eating like a horse and telling me to put her shoes on before bed-time while dancing to Kygo.

This little traveller has been to South East Asia and Africa all before the age of 10 months old. She’s clocked up a total of 5 countries so far and counting. But mum needs down time for planning all these awesome adventures!

Why Are You Called The Sustainable Travel Family?

Good question! After spending years visiting countries and travelling we decided we need to be more sustainable in how we consume travel. We all know the effect our habits cause on the environment. We want to be more conscious and ethical in our travel decisions.

It could be how we reach a destination – by rail instead of plane perhaps, or by the types of tours we take within a country, the souvenirs we buy and the places we eat at all have an effect. We want our effect to be a positive one and not harmful to the local communities or environment we travel to see.

We hope we inspire you to make this change with us.