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Welcome to Sustainable Travel Family blog. We are global travel loving, worldschooling family. Travelling for 5 years, 21 countries and with two children I’d like to think I’m an expert when it comes to sustainable travel. Our most recent family gap year was spent travelling in South East Asia and Africa. You can read about that on our blog.

Sustainable Travel Family blog focuses on being a sustainable traveller, rather than an everyday tourist. Making conscious decisions on how to bring positive impacts to the destinations we visit.

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We make the choice, ethical travel over fast travel. Taking an eco tour instead of the cheapest. Researching ways to protect the environment instead of adding to pollution issues.

Check your carbon footprint by using the free carbon footprint calculator.

We also blog about solo travel, with babies, toddlers and older kids, eco, cultural trips and backpacking family gap year and even maternity travel, I’ve done it all.

Enjoy our posts and see what we’re up to now on Instagram and Facebook.

Worldschooling as a family

Worldschooling is our chosen method of education, I can see the eyes rolling, Ha! My kids thrive on exploring new surroundings, not your average playground, not sorry about that either!

We not only see the touristic side of travel but the devastating effects of overtourism and global warming; The Mekong Delta and the issues of flooding as a result of climate change. Manatee rescue centres in Iquitos Peru, beaches in the Indian ocean and piracy concerns for local fisherman.

Green sea turtles in Indonesia and their preservation, villages in the Peruvian Amazon tackling deforestation, animal welfare issues in zoos located in Europe and Asia.

Manatee Rescue Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon
Manatee rescue, Peruvian Amazon, Iquitos City.
Being a Sustainable Travel Family

Tina-Louise is a freelance writer from London, UK with a strong passion for sustainable and responsible tourism. She has explored many parts of the world with her two children raising their awareness of sustainable travel while sharing her stories and finding ways that we can all travel sustainably and ethically. Follow Sustainable Travel Family for updates.

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